Allegro - Return Path DRC

November 30, -0001
Allegro analyzes your design to provide real-time insights and feedback to help you find and avoid potential return path issues. As you work, traces are color coded so you can quickly identify potential issues. Mousing over an issue displays powerful, actionable information about the violation, including what rule isn't met, the rule value, and actual values in your design. And the colors dynamically update as you make adjustments so you can visually confirm your issues are resolved.
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Allegro - Backdrill
Allegro - Backdrill

Back drilling in Allegro is footprint aware, so if you change the parameters of a padstack, you can adjust ...

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Allegro - DFM Integrated Manufacturing Constraints
Allegro - DFM Integrated Manufacturing Constraints

Extensive design for manufacturability rules coexist with all other design rules in the constraints manager...


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