Allegro PCB Editor Videos

  • How to Reduce Power Starvation and Hot Spots1:59

    How to Reduce Power Starvation and Hot Spots

    Allegro's IR Drop analysis makes it easy to analyze the current density of your PDN.

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  • Worst-Case Analysis in PSpice1:57

    Worst-Case Analysis in PSpice

    Simulate your design using worst-case analysis in PSpice so you can identify the most critical components that affect circuit performance and ensure circuit functionality even with non-ideal ...

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  • Real-Time Constraint Driven Design Overview1:23

    Real-Time Constraint Driven Design Overview

    Whether you're working on a schematic or PCB, easily communicate design intent by defining rules for electrical, physical and manufacturing to ensure first-pass success.

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  • Seamless Multi-CAD 3D Model Integration1:23

    Seamless Multi-CAD 3D Model Integration

    With support for multiple native CAD formats, the 3D Mapper allows for quick and accurate model mapping on your PCB. Visualize your design in 3D and identify any potential assembly issues.

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  • Allegro PCB Editor Overview Video3:13

    Allegro PCB Editor Overview Video

    Easily tackle complex and cutting edge designs with the help of advanced routing technologies, in-design analysis, manufacturability checks, team collaboration, and more.

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  • Team Design - Overview Video1:01

    Team Design - Overview Video

    Symphony allows you to efficiently collaborate with your team to get designs to market faster.

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  • Design Partitioning - Feature Video1:05

    Design Partitioning - Feature Video

    Multiple PCB designers are needed to design complex boards with variety of functionality. And nowadays design teams are dispersed all over the globe, which raises a challenge to compile final design.

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  • Advanced Routing - Overview Video1:28

    Advanced Routing - Overview Video

    There are various routing methods you can utilize to get your designs done faster. Visual notifications help prevent violations and improve design accuracy.

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  • Auto Connect - Feature Video0:54

    Auto Connect - Feature Video

    With auto connect you can simply window select a set of nets and connect the pins of your components.

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  • High-Speed - Overview Video1:55

    High-Speed - Overview Video

    Quickly and easily identify signal integrity issues with various tools to improve design performance.

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  • Miniaturization - Overview Video1:37

    Miniaturization - Overview Video

    Utilize these techniques to create reliable, powerful and compact designs and ensure the success of your HDI projects.

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  • Inter Layer Checks - Feature Video0:58

    Inter Layer Checks - Feature Video

    Inter layer checks help prevent unnecessary design iterations and board re-spins as they help automate the detection of errors.

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  • Embedded Components - Feature Video1:39

    Embedded Components - Feature Video

    Utilize embedded components for shorter signal paths, increased performance and reduced PCB size.

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  • Stackup Exchange with IPC2581 - Feature Video1:04

    Stackup Exchange with IPC2581 - Feature Video

    Use IPC 2581 to exchange Stack up information. Utilize already existing database stack up for new designs to reduce repetitive manual efforts and human error.

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  • Design Reuse - Overview Video1:00

    Design Reuse - Overview Video

    Reuse validated constraints and verified IP to improve both productivity and time to market.

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  • Constraint Driven Design - Overview Video1:22

    Constraint Driven Design - Overview Video

    Constraint driven checks, whether electrical, physical, mechanical or manufacturing are all critical to your design process as they help you identify and mitigate potential problems in real-time.

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  • Design Rule Check: Manufacturing - Feature Video1:10

    Design Rule Check: Manufacturing - Feature Video

    Setting up manufacturing design checks from the beginning helps you easily identify and eliminate any potential issues before they cost you time and money.

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  • Design Rule Check: HDI - Feature Video1:29

    Design Rule Check: HDI - Feature Video

    By setting up your HDI rules, you can easily fit more parts per board area and pack more power into smaller form factors.

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  • Manufacturing Solution Overview1:32

    Manufacturing Solution Overview

    Working with your manufacturer and setting up your fabrication, assembly and testing checks from the beginning can help you easily identify and avoid any unexpected problems before they disrupt your p

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  • Design for Manufacturability - Feature Video2:07

    Design for Manufacturability - Feature Video

    Identifying potential problems before you finish the design and before you begin the manufacturing process helps reduce costs and eliminate added expenses.

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