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On-Demand Webinar: What's New in OrCAD 17.4

Get a first look at what’s new in the latest release. With a singular focus on improving your design experience and productivity this release provides a host of new capabilities and enhancements you need to see.

See what’s new in the OrCAD/Allegro 2019 - 17.4 release including:

  • How to customize and streamline your design environment
  • New 1 click ECO process
  • How to leverage real-time design feedback at the schematic level
  • Intro to the new Unified Search Engine
  • A new paradigm for ECAD MCAD collaboration
  • Enhanced 3D in the PCB canvas for accurate and fast 3D design analysis and review
  • In-design analysis for real-time modeless display of critical design data such as impedance discontinuities and coupling issues
  • Enhanced routing capabilities to make your life easier and help speed routing and design closure