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On-Demand Webinar: 3D PCB Design and Analysis: When ECAD Meets MCAD and MCAD Meets ECAD

Almost every PCB built is intended to fit in a case / enclosure at some point. The design of the board and its ‘home’ are heavily interdependent and require careful consideration to ensure everything will be in working order when your product is ultimately brought to market. This balance between what the PCB needs to ‘do’ and how it ‘fits’ in the physical world is not to be taken lightly. Many designs have been derailed by conflicts between ECAD and MCAD. Something as simple as an improperly placed / communicated mounting hole can send your project into a tailspin of re-designs.

Fortunately, modern PCB design tools and practices have been developed to ensure MCAD and ECAD can stay in sync. Join the experts at EMA and learn how your designs function can be defined alongside its form to ensure overall product success.

What you will learn:

  • How PCB Designers can leverage 3D to improve their design process
  • Common design issues that 3D can help you identify and resolve such as flex board collisions, case and fixture fit, mechanical mounting, and more
  • How to setup your design for 3D analysis
  • Best practices for productive ECAD / MCAD Collaboration
  • Common misconceptions / terminology issues between ECAD/MCAD
  • How to view, analyze, and collaborate in 3D without leaving your CAD tool using native data