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On-Demand Webinar: Design for Manufacturing (DFM) and Why it Matters

Prevent time-to-market delays by identifying manufacturing issues before they become a costly mistake. It’s not uncommon for designs to be submitted to manufacturing only to have problems identified that require design reworking and re-submission. This results in lost production time, schedule delays, and recurring tooling costs. What if you could identify DFM problems as you design and fix them when they happen? This webinar will help show you how to spot and fix troublesome DFM issues in-design before they ever become a problem.

About the Author

Field Applications Engineer, EMA Design Automation Rocco has been with EMA for 16 years; his expertise is in PCB Editing and routing tools. Prior to joining EMA Rocco held several positions in the design service industry with a focus on design for manufacturing, quick turn fabrication, and assembly services. His design experience spans 31 years.