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On-Demand Webinar: Common High-speed Design Issues and How to Solve Them

PCB design is always changing, and not for the easier. You’re constantly being asked for more; more tech, more productivity, more efficiency. Except for when you’re being asked for less; less cost, less time, less space. Managing all these design requirements at once can sometimes seem like an impossible task. Get help from the PCB design experts at EMA with the tips and tricks you need to achieve highs-peed PCB design success.


What You Will Learn:

  • Common highs-peed bus signal relationships you need to manage
  • Reasons for coupling issues and how to identify them
  • Common causes of impedance discontinuities and how to solve them
  • Routing strategies to help successfully complete high-speed signal routing paths
  • How the ‘Butterfly Effect’ applies to PCB design and why real-time design feedback is needed

View the slides here