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Exporting Files from Altium to inspectAR

If you're an Altium Designer (version 15.1 and above) user, you can easily export IPC2581B and BOM files. This article will guide you through that process using Altium 19.1. If you're on a different version or want to learn more, you can find Altium's IPC-2581 Support Documentation here.‍

IPC-2581B Files

Opening up the .pcbdoc file for your project, navigate to File -> Manufacturing Outputs -> IPC-2581.

Altium Designer menu option for IPC-2581 output

The menu option for IPC-2581 Output

You will be presented with the following window. Select IPC-2581B, Metric Units, 6 point floating precision, and no net-tile nets unless you have specific need.

Altium Designer IPC-2581 Configuration Window

IPC-2581 Configuration Window

Clicking OK, the IPC file we begin to be generated. The progress can be viewed on the bottom bar in Altium Designer. Once complete, you will find the produced .cvg file in the project directory.

IPC-2581 File in Project Directory

IPC-2581 File in Project Directory


Exporting a BOM is very common, so you might already be doing this step. In Altium Designer, navigate to Reports->Bill of Materials as shown below

Bill of Materials Export Option in Altium Designer

Bill of Materials Export Option

In the BOM Window presented, first validate that the information for your project is correct and complete. Under Export Options, ensure that the BOM is a CSV (.csv) document, then click Export.

Bill of Materials Window in Altium Designer

Bill of Materials Window

Finally, name your file and select a location for it to be created.

Save As Window

Save As Window

Creating the Project

Now that you have generated the common files, you're ready to use inspectAR. Login to the webapp and select New Project. Next, name your project and select the two files you generated in the previous steps. Choose any additional options, and select Upload. After the files finish processing, you're now ready to use the application. Congratulations!

Creating the Project in InspectAR

Creating the Project