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Allegro Board File Project Creation Tutorial

You can now create an inspectAR project directly from an Allegro board file (.brd) and bypass the existing project creation flow which uses IPC2581B and a CSV BOM.  The finished project will not be any different from those you create with manufacturing exports.  

To create a project from an Allegro board file you will need to navigate to and create a cloud project. Allegro board file creation is not available locally from the inspectAR desktop version. This is a cloud-exclusive feature, you will have to visit out webapp to use it.  

inspectAR web app EDA selection page

inspectAR’s web app is used exclusively for Allegro Board files and is located at

First, find the Allegro board file for the PCB you wish to create a project for. This is the file that is created after the schematic is built and it is the one someone would use to export manufacturing files to get a PCB manufactured.

1. Now from the projects gallery at select New Project.

inspectAR's web app EDA selection page

2. Select Allegro Board File and upload your file.

3. If the BOM is already embedded within your Allegro project then you can skip this step, it is only necessary if you wish to view BOM information and this data is not already embedded into the Allegro Board file.

inspectAR web app showing field to upload BOM file

4. Check back for a success message, and then return to the inspectAR application.

5. The inspectAR application showing the project is ready for download.

inspectAR web application displaying information that project is ready for download

6. The project is now available.