Developing Your PCB Design Ideas - in the Cloud

June 18, 2018

I want to tell you a story about two PCB design engineers and how they were successful using a web-based schematic capture tool from Cadence. These PCB design engineers are taking a break and come up with this brilliant idea for an innovative IoT design. They are at a coffee shop far from their building. They have their laptops and do some quick searching for a free tool to sketch their idea. They find OrCAD Capture Cloud and launch the free app in a browser. They see it is from Cadence, so they know it is safe. They begin sketching their schematic and are jazzed that over 12,000 Arrow parts are at their fingertips. They quickly and easily develop their IoT design placing the Arrow parts, and build a BOM.

The design gets to a point where they need to add more functionality, so they upgrade to OrCAD Entrepreneur, also on the cloud. They are now able to link schematic instances with Arrow parts, show the Arrow part details on the schematic instance, upload and download designs to their desktop, and share the design with their coworkers online or offline. They realize this innovative IoT design became a reality at a local coffee shop, with the OrCAD Capture Cloud offerings from Cadence.

OrCAD Capture is an integral part of the Cadence Cloud family of products. It was the first EDA cloud offering and a part of a larger suite of cloud-ready for verification, signal and power integrity, characterization and more. Learn more about the Cadence Cloud and Cadence System Design Cloud offerings and see a full list of cloud-ready tools.

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