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Building Libraries for OrCAD Just Got a Whole Lot Easier (Hint: We built them for you)

As you are probably already aware—a lot goes into designing a printed circuit board. From routing to part selection, signal quality, and manufacturability, you have a lot to evaluate. With everything there is to consider, why are you still spending valuable time building symbols and footprints for your designs? On average, it takes between 8-16 hours for an engineer to build one high pin count symbol and footprint. This time could be better spent focusing on your design instead of building parts for it.


Ultra Librarian® eliminates the need to build libraries by providing access to a cloud-based database of over 9 million pre-built schematic symbols, PCB footprints, and 3D models directly inside the OrCAD™ environment. Search, preview, and place parts inside OrCAD Capture without ever having to leave the OrCAD environment. All the parts in the Ultra Librarian database have been built to IPC and ANSI standards, and are automatically linked unifying the elements of the part as a single component with multiple views for logical, physical, and 3D. You can now move from schematic capture to PCB layout seamlessly without having to worry the parts you use will not line up in the end.



Seamless Integration

In the past, PCB design engineers have been forced to leave their native CAD environment to search for parts or build parts themselves. Pre-built parts found on open source websites can be error prone, and are not always built to industry standards. With Ultra Librarian’s seamless integration inside OrCAD Capture, you no longer need to leave your design environment to find the parts you need for your design.


Gain instant access to Ultra Librarian’s growing cloud-based library for millions of pre-built components. are search for parts, preview the symbols, footprints, and 3D models, and place directly into your schematic without ever leaving the design environment.




Unified Library of Components

How many times have you worked on a design where three different people created the symbol, footprint, and 3D model—and of course they don’t match? If all the parts are sourced separately or built at different times, they may not be in sync which can lead to miscommunication and design errors. Finding the correct combinations is yet another challenge left to the design team.


Ultra Librarian for OrCAD provides a unified library solution for your PCB symbols, footprints, and 3D model needs. All three are automatically linked, unifying the elements of the part as a single component with multiple views for logical, physical, and 3D. The symbols found in the Ultra Librarian database have properties associated with them that allow you to move seamlessly from schematic capture to PCB layout, where the footprints are arranged on the board for connectivity, and finally to step models defining the size and shape of the part that sits on the footprint.



Parts Built to Standards

Standards are an increasingly important aspect to obtaining pre-built parts for your PCB design process. If parts are not built to industry standards they may not be very useful to you. Ultra Librarian has developed a rigorous building and testing process to ensure that all the parts found in the Ultra Librarian for OrCAD portal are built with industry standards including IPC and ANSI.


All symbols in the library have been built to ANSI Y32.2-1975 (reaffirmed 1989) standard to ensure reliability through your schematic. Footprints have been built to IPC-7351B standards where possible and 3D models are rendered from footprint data and match the footprints’ exact size, rotation, and orientation. As a standards-based library, you know when you place apart from Ultra Librarian for OrCAD into your design, the part will fit and function properly.



Stop Wasting Time Building Parts and Start Creating Innovative Products

Ultra Librarian for OrCAD provides access to the most robust library of pre-built PCB parts on the market today. This type of in-software access guarantees engineers will save time, reduce errors, and ensure consistency across their PCB part libraries. Finding and utilizing library components is now a natural part of the design process. Save time, avoid errors, and focus on design with Ultra Librarian for OrCAD. Contact your local channel partner for more information today.