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OrCAD X OnCloud: Cloud Based CAD Programs and Features

Key Takeaways

  • OrCAD X OnCloud encapsulates the cloud features in OrCAD X. It provides cloud storage and facilitates robust team collaboration through features like shared workspaces and revision history access.

  •  The system includes a Component Information System (CIS) that integrates with cloud storage for efficient component creation, management, and linking to manufacturer data.

  • Features such as Design Sync and publishing options in the cloud allow teams to collaborate in real-time, manage access privileges, and keep track of design change.

OrCAD X OnCloud streamlines component creation and library management

OrCAD X OnCloud streamlines component creation and library management

Cloud-based CAD programs are streamlining the workflow of electronics development through unparalleled flexibility and collaboration capabilities. These platforms allow users to access and modify projects from any location, eliminating the need for local computing resources. OrCAD X OnCloud leverages the cloud to enhance electronic design processes, enabling teams to share workspaces, manage component libraries, and easily maintain design revisions.

OrCAD X OnCloud: Cloud-Based Programs and Features List



Cloud Storage for Designs

Designs are created and stored in cloud-based workspaces, enabling access from anywhere and facilitating team collaboration.

Component Placement from Cloud

Components from content providers can be accessed and placed directly in design schematics through cloud integration, simplifying the design process.

Shared Workspaces

Teams can create shared workspaces in the cloud to collaborate on projects, allowing members to access and publish components to these workspaces, thereby enhancing collaborative efforts.

Revision History and Access

Cloud storage maintains a revision history for designs, allowing users to access and revert to older versions as needed, which is crucial for managing project versions and tracking progress.

Searching in Cloud Libraries

Users can search for components within cloud-based libraries using various search functionalities, including free text, field-based, and SQL query syntax, streamlining the component selection process.

Linking Manufacturer Details

Cloud capabilities allow for linking manufacturer part numbers to components stored in cloud libraries, ensuring that designs are up-to-date with the latest manufacturer data.

Editing Components in Cloud

Components stored in cloud workspaces can be edited or updated, with changes reflected across all linked instances, ensuring consistency across the project.

OrCAD X OnCloud: Cloud for Component Management and Team Design

A major feature of OrCAD X OnCloud is the cloud-enabled component information system (CIS), which streamlines component creation and library management, providing a cloud-connected environment for efficient part authoring within a single interface. It features a Component Explorer dashboard with PSpice models, third-party component vendors, and workspace integration, facilitating easy search, filter, placement, and creation of parts. Users can start with pre-populated data from vendors or from scratch, ensuring parts meet company guidelines with options to attach symbols, footprints, and models. The system allows linking to manufacturer part numbers and easy sharing within team workspaces for up-to-date access.

OrCAD X Design Sync window, showing user access privileges.

OrCAD X Design Sync window, showing user access privileges. 

OrCAD X Capture Design Sync

OrCAD X Capture allows users to create and share workspaces for easy collaboration across geographically dispersed teams. User administrators can start by creating a workspace and sharing it with a PCB designer, who is given specific access rights. This project is then published to a designated shared workspace.

From this shared workspace, the PCB designer can access and edit the PCB board file, which can then be refreshed to ensure all changes are synced between users. After modifications, the updated board can be republished to the shared workspace, allowing the schematic designer to pull this updated file into their local workspace for further modifications. This cloud functionality supports real-time collaborative efforts and iterative design processes, increasing design flexibility and reducing the need for extensive IT infrastructure.

Publishing a revision to the workspace in OrCAD X

Publishing a revision to the workspace in OrCAD X 

OrCAD X OnCloud: Revising PCB Designs in OrCAD X Capture CIS Using Cloud Storage

OrCAD X Capture CIS enables storing and working on designs through cloud storage. Designs must be created with the "Use Workspace" checkbox enabled, and are stored locally in the Workspace, which can be accessed and managed through the View > Workspace > File Manager path in the software interface.

To upload designs to the cloud, users can navigate to their project within the File Manager, select the project, and choose the "Publish" option. Before publishing, users can classify the update as a Major or Minor revision, add tags, and select a target workspace for publication. Once published, the design’s revision history is updated and maintained, allowing users to access previous versions.

For example, after publishing a design as a minor revision, changing it to a major revision updates the version appropriately. If a designer needs to revert to a previous version, they can select it and choose "Copy To My Workspace." This process involves a clear warning that the current design file (DSN) will be overwritten. Users must ensure the current design is closed before copying to avoid errors. Once the older design version is copied back into My Workspace, users can remove any Read-only settings on the project folder to make further edits or updates. This setup facilitates easy management and revision tracking of PCB designs in OrCAD X Capture CIS.

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