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BOM Management Tools and OrCAD X Live BOM Insights

Key Takeaways

  • BOM management tools consolidate product data into a single source, reducing errors and ensuring up-to-date information.

  • These tools enhance teamwork by providing a shared workspace for design and manufacturing teams.

  • Effective cost management and version control features help track financial aspects and maintain accurate BOM records over time.

OrCAD X Live BOM provides compliance lifecycle, status, market availability, and price.

 A well-managed BOM ensures accurate sourcing and assembly of components throughout the product lifecycle. Businesses are increasingly adopting BOM management tools to streamline this process. These tools provide up-to-date material records from conception through production, enhancing collaboration and efficiency.

Many organizations now utilize automated BOM management software to avoid the pitfalls of manual processes. This software simplifies quoting and improves profitability by reducing errors and saving time. We’ll discuss some important features of BOM management tools and how OrCAD X Live BOM embodies them.

Important Features of a BOM Management Tool



Single Product Data Source

The BOM management tool should serve as the main product data source for the entire organization, consolidating all relevant information in a single location.

Collaborative Workspace

Users should be able to place the BOM into a collaborative workspace, enabling design team members to work with the data in a structured environment that fosters progress, visibility, and smoother operation throughout the design chain.


Many BOM management tools integrate with other software systems used in the product development process, facilitating seamless data exchange and workflow automation.

Supplier Management

BOM management tools often include features for supplier management, allowing users to track supplier information, compare quotes, and manage orders directly within the platform.

Version Control

Users can maintain multiple versions of the BOM, tracking changes and revisions over time to ensure everyone is working with the most up-to-date information and minimize errors.

User-Defined Views

User-defined views enable the configuration of the information and data available to each user, ensuring that different stakeholders have access to relevant details based on their roles.

Cost Management

BOM software should include cost management features to calculate and track the cost of each item, aiding in project planning and cost estimation for different development phases.

Multi-Level BOM Support

Supports multi-level or indented BOM structures, providing a hierarchical view of components and sub-assemblies to establish an understanding of contents at each level.

Delivery Scheduling

Enables scheduling of multiple deliveries for each BOM part, ensuring a continuous flow of materials to the production line and streamlining

About BOM Management Tools

A robust BOM management tool controls product records and enables sharing the latest revisions with teams and external supply chain partners. Engineering project managers use organized BOMs to estimate and analyze production costs, while the manufacturing department relies on them to streamline product assembly.

 A versatile BOM tool gathers input from both engineering and manufacturing teams, ensuring efficient collaboration. Integration with supply chain procurement and marketing teams enhances transparency and supports informed decision-making throughout the product lifecycle.

Managing Multiple Versions Across Teams

As BOMs transition between teams, they often become difficult to maintain, requiring project managers to create and manage multiple versions for different audiences, such as engineers, contract manufacturers, PCB design services, and vendors. A dedicated BOM management tool can effectively handle evolving versions, reducing the workload on project managers.

OrCAD X Live BOM Management Tool Features


Live BOM Abilities

How Live BOM Addresses This Feature

Single Product Data Source

Consolidates data from Datalynq, providing access to market intelligence for over 1 billion electronic components.

Ensures a centralized, up-to-date repository of parts information, reducing errors and providing reliable data for BOM management.

Collaborative Workspace

Integrates within OrCAD X and the user's local workspace, allowing multiple users to work on the same project seamlessly.

Enhances teamwork by providing a shared platform for BOM management, ensuring consistency and better communication among team members.


Fully embedded in OrCAD X schematic editor, allowing users to view and manage BOM directly alongside their schematic designs.

Streamlines workflow by eliminating the need to switch between different tools, improving productivity and reducing potential errors.

Supplier Management

Provides detailed supplier information, including market availability, lead times, risk scores, and alternate parts from Sourcengine.

Improves supplier management by offering visibility into supply chain risks and availability, enabling informed decisions and reducing the risk of component shortages.

Version Control

Allows saving, updating, and tracking different versions of the BOM, with all changes logged and traceable.

Ensures traceability and accountability for BOM changes, making it easier to manage revisions and maintain an accurate history of modifications.

User-Defined Views

Enables users to create custom views of the BOM, with the ability to filter and sort components based on various criteria such as lifecycle status, compliance, and risk.

Enhances usability by allowing users to focus on specific aspects of the BOM relevant to their needs, improving the efficiency of BOM analysis and management.

Cost Management

Provides real-time pricing data and historical cost trends, helping users track and manage the financial aspects of their BOM.

Helps control and optimize costs by offering visibility into component prices and trends, enabling better budget management and cost-saving opportunities.

Multi-Level BOM Support

Supports the management of complex assemblies and sub-assemblies, allowing users to manage multi-level BOMs within the same tool.

Facilitates the management of complex product structures, ensuring that all levels of the BOM are accurately represented and managed cohesively.

Delivery Scheduling

Uses market intelligence to provide lead time data, assisting users in scheduling deliveries and managing production timelines effectively.

Improves production planning and scheduling by providing accurate lead time information, reducing the risk of delays and ensuring timely delivery of components.

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