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inspectAR 2.14 Release

New Features

inspectAR 2.14 features a substantial performance enhancement to the board database which will reduce the time needed to perform key project related tasks. Creating, downloading, and opening projects should be significantly faster than previously. These improvements help to create more value from inspectAR’s existing features.

Switching between projects quickly should now be much easier, meaning that you can quickly use augmented reality to inspect, debug, or repair many different designs in a single session. Particularly in manufacturing operations, these contextual tasks can now be completed much more productively with an augmented reality cockpit providing the operator with crucial engineering information.

And with support for all major intelligent manufacturing standards like IPC2581B and ODB++ you can get almost any PCB, of any size working in inspectAR. Our unique calibration process provides submillimeter accuracy when viewing overlays. Any USB3.0 UVC compliant webcam can be connected to inspectAR.

inspectAR Tool Verifying Supply Voltage is Correct