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inspectAR 2.10 Release

InspectAR 2.10 introduces some new usability features. Window docking, a crosshair tool for finding parts more quickly, and a unified project creation flow that unifies our project creation flow.

Component Crosshair

One of inspectAR’s main use cases is finding components quickly. We’ve added a new tool to help you do this more quickly, you can now turn on and off a crosshair from the Active Overlays menu which allows you to quickly locate even the tiniest of components at a moment's notice. The crosshair tool replaces the bounding boxes which we used to show to locate components, and so it is enabled by default.

To view a crosshair, select a component in the active overlays pane. A crosshair will appear showing you exactly where to find it. If you are working on a larger board and are zoomed in significantly, directional arrows will appear showing you which directions you need to pan and tilt the camera in to find the component.

Component crosshair

Window Docking

You can now lock inspectAR’s floating menus to either the right or left side of your monitor. If you are using our multi-display feature you can dock windows on the second monitor as well.

To dock your windows, you need to access a context menu in the toolbar at the top of each menu. You can dock multiple windows to the same side of the screen and the tool will automatically adjust the heights of them to find the best fit. The greatest number of windows you should try to dock is three, otherwise they will begin to overlap and you’ll need to resize them just like you can while they are floating.

Locking floating menus in InspectAR

And of course, this feature is only available on the desktop version of inspectAR since our mobile version have a fixed UI for most windows already.

Unified Project Creation

We have removed the ability to create local-only projects in inspectAR. You’ll know be limited to using the cloud service or the inspectAR server if you are using our Enterprise version. Project creation works inexactly the same way, except that all projects will now be cloud by default. This means that you can no longer become confused by creating a project in the client itself then be unable to promote it because it is local-only. Of course this does not mean you are sharing your data with other people by default, sharing is still completely ad-hoc and requires that you explicitly enter the email address of the individual you would like to share with.

Project Creation GUI

Once you have created the project you are then free to perform other tasks within the tool, you do not have to wait for project creation to complete like you did previously. When your project has been parsed by inspectAR and is ready to go, it will automatically download and then be available for you to calibrate and launch within the dashboard.