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Accelerate PCB Design with AI PCB Layout Tools

Key Takeaways

  • Allegro X AI reduces the time required for component placement and power plane generation, utilizing AI algorithms to optimize layouts for signal integrity, thermal impacts, and power integrity.

  • By automatically routing critical signal nets and adhering to electrical and manufacturing constraints, Allegro X AI enhances layout accuracy.

  • OrCAD X integrates the powerful AI capabilities of Allegro X, offering cloud scalability and real-time data management.

Allegro X AI power and ground plane auto-synthesis tool

Selecting layer for power and ground for auto-synthesis of power and ground planes.

Electronic design automation (EDA) tools are essential for PCB designs. However, with the complexity of designs on the rise and surging demand for enhanced performance, there's more of a necessity for smarter strategies in PCB layout that streamline engineers’ workflows. To address this requirement, Cadence has developed a variety of AI-powered PCB layout tools that natively integrate into their products. Specifically, these tools allow for streamlined component placement and power plane generation—with various design performance indicators.

AI PCB Layout Tools Impact Area 

Impact Area

How AI Tools Help

Automated Component Placement

AI algorithms can optimize component placement to minimize signal interference, mitigate EMI, and enhance heat dissipation. They provide recommendations for optimal component placements based on circuit schematics.

Routing and Trace Optimization

Automatic trace routing on PCBs can be optimized by design constraints like signal crosstalk minimization, trace length minimization, and proper impedance matching.

Design Rule Checking

AI can help with specific rules and constraints and provide alternate solutions, lowering error rates.

Faster Design Iterations

By automating repetitive tasks and providing real-time feedback, AI-driven tools accelerate the design process for quicker design optimization.

Signal Integrity Analysis

AI-powered tools perform simulations to ensure high-speed signal integrity, preventing signal distortion across the PCB.

Thermal Analysis

AI predicts and manages thermal challenges in the PCB layout by simulating heat distribution, thus preventing component damage due to overheating.

Recent Advancements in AI for PCBs 

There are multiple recent trends in AI PCB layout design, including software solutions automating the circuit board design process, transforming initial ideas from basic block diagrams to fully realized PCB designs, schematics, and materials lists. This automation also extends to verification of electrical schematics, where AI tools have been successful in identifying critical errors, reducing re-spins, and enhancing product reliability. Other existing startups are working with browser-based design tools equipped with AI assistants that are changing workflows and others are employing cloud-native technologies for routing and leveraging libraries for quick component selection and project start-up. 

Allegro X AI’s PCB Layout Capabilities 

The Allegro X Design Platform has developed AI tools for board design, reducing the time required for placement and power plane generation—from several days to mere minutes—while maintaining or surpassing the quality of manually designed boards.

With Allegro X AI technology, designers can streamline their workflow by automating component placement, creating power planes, and routing critical nets. This allows engineers to explore a broader range of solutions to achieve their outcomes. This gives PCB designers a more refined initial layout in minimal time, significantly boosting their productivity.

Allegro X AI Features

AI Feature

Feature Description

Automated Placement

Combines traditional physical design methods and generative AI to optimize component placement, achieving better optimization metrics.

Auto-Synthesis of Power and Ground Planes

Automates the metal pouring process for power and ground planes, reducing manual layout time for designers.

Scalability of Cloud Compute

Utilizes scalable architecture on cloud compute infrastructure for significant productivity improvements.

Adaptive Learning

Allegro X AI learns from more designs to adapt to user preferences, enhancing personalized effectiveness.


OrCAD X PCB Design and Automation Features

The OrCAD X platform leverages the Allegro X AI system for floorplanning and automated component placement, allowing for early exploration and feasibility studies to help address the following:

  • Signal integrity 
  • Power integrity
  • Thermal impacts

The OrCAD X platform harnesses cloud scalability and AI-driven automation to reduce PCB design turnaround time by up to 5X. It incorporates powerful layout productivity features of the Cadence Allegro X Platform, streamlining the design process for users. Tailored for small and medium businesses, it combines a user-friendly layout environment with real-time cloud data management and collaborative features, significantly lowering infrastructure costs. 

Backward compatible with OrCAD and Allegro technologies, it also introduces new cloud-based licensing and manufacturing documentation updates in real-time, streamlining fabrication processes. It integrates real-time data management and storage through the Cadence OnCloud Platform. It enables a seamless hybrid work model that spans desktop and cloud environments, significantly cutting down on infrastructure expenses. Sign up for a free trial of OrCAD X to try out these new advancements in AI PCB layout.

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