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inspectAR Joins the Autodesk Technology Center Residency

inspectAR has joined the resident community at the Autodesk Technology Center Residency Program in San Francisco! Autodesk is a world leader in design, engineering, and manufacturing software. As part of the residency program, inspectAR has been awarded access to workspace, prototyping tools, and expertise at the technology center on beautiful Pier 9. 

‍Why did we join the Autodesk Technology Center Residency Program in San Francisco?

We are on a mission to fundamentally improve the way circuit boards are interacted with, and accelerate hardware development from design through debug. With such a large mission, it’s important that we align ourselves with leaders in our space that will help guide us and provide expertise as we build a tool of incredible value. Autodesk immediately stuck out as an ideal place to find this and grow our business. Autodesk “makes software for people who make things”, just like us. Their commitment to driving value through building incredibly robust engineering tools, along with their massive entrance (and now dominance) in the electronics space makes them an ideal place for inspectAR to grow our business as we drive value to our mutual end-user. 

Additionally, the residency program grants us incredible office space in the heart of San Francisco, in close proximity to a large number of our customers and overall market of people working on hardware. Having desk space, conference rooms, proximity to potential users is incredibly valuable, and sharing the space with other incredibly talented and mission-driven teams like ours makes going to the office everyday really exciting.

What was the application and onboarding process like?

We took some time to complete an application and go through a round of interviews with their team. After a few weeks, we got word that we had been accepted! The entire Autodesk team is incredibly thorough in their onboarding. The process of gathering all of the required documentation, developing tangible metrics and projects related to our work with Autodesk products was really easy and informative. Since then, our SF team has been working out of the Autodesk office every day and loving every minute of it.

What are you going to work on during your residency?

Autodesk EAGLE is one of the most popular PCB design tools on the market, and one that many of our customers at inspectAR use today. We are really excited about building more integrations between the tools for seamless file transfer, collaboration and version control features, simulation overlays, and more. Working out of the Autodesk Technology Center at Pier 9 has been an incredible experience thus far, and we’re so excited to continue working with Autodesk to deliver a lot of value to our users.

Mihir Organizing boards from Crowd Supply

A little bit about the space:

Desks! Swinging desks, private phone-booth desks, standing desks, you name it.

Swinging conference desk

Private phone booth for two

The Electronics Lab is also an incredible asset that Autodesk provides to the residents! Once you go through an introductory safety course, you have full access to the lab and all of its goodies. Variable power supplies, oscilloscopes, soldering irons, a bunch of dev boards, connectors, and more. We’re really excited about bringing inspectAR into this lab space for all of the resident teams to use!

Electronics Lab

CNC Shop

Waterjet in the CNC Shop

We’re really excited about getting more involved with the Autodesk community as we get farther along in our residency, and plan to come out with some really awesome integrations with a lot of their tools. Keep an eye out for more updates coming soon!