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Creating a BOM

Processing your Bill of Materials allows you to get access to crucial component information and metadata directly from within the application. When supplied with the manufacturer’s part numbers, we'll query part manufacturers to pull information for a particular part, if the part information is nor available we will still display searchable component values. Both of these are used in combination with reference designators to produce complete context for a given component.

Currently we only accept .csv files BOM upload - a common export of nearly all spreadsheet software. Your BOM should include the following header columns, and adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Reference Designator (required): Titled Reference Designator or RefDes. The data in this column need to be valid reference designators for your design such as (R1 C1 X1 J1), etc. The reference designators in each cell need to be separated from each other by a  space.
  • Manufacturer's Part Number (optional): Titled Manufacturer’s Part Number or MPN. The data in this column need to be a valid component manufacturer’s part number.
  • Value (optional): Titled Value. The data in this column contain strings, related to the part’s value (1 Mohm, 0.1uF, etc.)
  • Quantity (optional): Titled Quantity. The data in this column reflects the total quantity of a particular part.

We ignore any additional information outside of the columns described above, so don’t worry about how the rest of your BOM is formatted. Refer to the sample table below to better understand how to format your BOM.

Sample BOM Columns