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Sigrity PowerSI 3D EM Extraction Option

Rapidly model full IC packages or full PCBs without power and ground planes using quasi-static solver technology

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The Cadence® Sigrity™ PowerSI® 3D EM Extraction Option is three-dimensional (3D) full-wave and quasi-static electromagnetic field (EM) solver technology tailored for IC package and PCB design’s S-parameter model extraction for power-integrity (PI) and signal-integrity (SI) analysis. It provides a much faster simulation speed than other popular 3D finite element analysis tools with model reduction technology. The adaptive finite element mesh (FEM) refinement technology provides consistent accuracy for complicated 3D structures. For time-domain transient analysis, a robust low-frequency conditioning algorithm provides stable and accurate solutions down to 100Hz. The PowerSI 3DEM option’s workflow-driven user interface and automatic port generation
makes the tool easy to use.