Sigrity Datasheets

  • Sigrity PowerSI 3D EM Extraction Option

    Sigrity PowerSI 3D EM Extraction Option

    Rapidly model full IC packages or full PCBs without power and ground planes using quasi-static solver technology

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  • Sigrity Xtractim

    Sigrity Xtractim

    Using models created with XtractIM, you can quickly assess package electrical characteristics and perform system-level signal and power integrity simulations.

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  • Sigrity SystemSI Technology

    Sigrity SystemSI Technology

    With a unique combination of frequency domain, time domain, and statistical analysis techniques, you can be confident of achieving robust parallel bus and serial link interface implementations.

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  • Sigrity Speed2000

    Sigrity Speed2000

    Combines circuit solver and transmission line solver with a fast electromagnetic (EM) field solver to capture dynamic interactions between signal, power, and ground on signals and planes.

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  • Sigrity PowerSI

    Sigrity PowerSI

    The Cadence® Sigrity™ PowerSI® environment provides fast and accurate full-wave electrical analysis of leading-edge IC packages and PCBs to overcome increasingly challenging design issues.

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  • Sigrity PowerDC

    Sigrity PowerDC

    Work in concert with the fastest available simulation to support design improvements without excess cost and schedule impacts.

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  • Sigrity OptimizePI

    Sigrity OptimizePI

    Fully explore the feasible design space and identify a range of candidate decap implementations, enabling users to pinpoint the ideal approach.

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