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OrCAD EDM 2.0 On-Demand Webinar

Managing PCB design data is a complex process. Designing a PCB generates a host of files and associated data that must be kept in sync and tracked. Often these files are being accessed and edited by multiple users and changes to the contents of these files need to be communicated across groups and disciplines sometimes spaced around the globe.

A new generation of PCB data management tools are now available that are designed specifically for the needs of the PCB design team. These tools are built to make data acquisition, data management, and project communication a natural part of the design process. They empower the engineering team with easy to use data management capabilities so they can spend more time focusing on product innovation.

What you will learn:

  • How to make data management an integral part of your PCB workflow
  • How to enable engineers to design for cost and compliance early in the design cycle
  • How to help avoid errors and improve productivity with a native PCB work in progress data management solution
  • How best-in-class companies are using data management as a competitive advantage to reduce re-spins and shorten product design cycles

Register to learn how OrCAD is breaking down the status quo and providing PCB design data management built specifically for PCB designers.