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Working with OrCAD: Constraint Manager


This week’s Working with OrCAD video, Constraint Manager, discusses how the constraint manager constitutes the central focus point within OrCAD. This allows the designer to control the physicality of their design, making it the heart and soul of Cadence design products. In this video, you will learn how to leverage the constraint manager to create error-free designs, the four types of constraint sets, and net grouping within the system.


The Cadence constraint manager is a powerful tool every designer should learn, understand, and take advantage of. With constraint manager your design process can be made both simpler and shorter.



Next week's blog post will discuss the many features Cadence provides designers when working with copper shapes as well as a few design best practices. It will cover adding various types of solid copper elements, sectioning plane layers, the different ways copper can be added (dynamic, solid copper, or crosshatch), merging copper shapes, and more.


You can view the entire series on our Youtube page. For more information on PCB Editor, visit our product page.