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OrCAD Capture 7: Annotating

This tutorial demonstrates how you can annotate your design in OrCAD Capture. After you complete the tutorial, you will be able to:

  • Edit reference designator text
  • Automatically update schematic annotation

If you would like to follow along with this tutorial, you can visit our walk-through page to view video tutorials and download design files .

To follow along with this tutorial, continue with your design from Capture Walk-through 6 or use the included design file, CAPTURE TUTORIAL 7_ANNOTATING.DSN.

  1. Double click on the D? text of the LED component.

  1. Change the value to MAIN_PWR and click OK.

  1. Double click on the IC? text associated with component LT1965EMS8E-1.5PBF.

  1. Change the value to U1 and click OK.
  2. In the project hierarchy, select the design file.

  1. Select Tools > Annotate from the menu.

Note: There are multiple options to annotate a selection or your entire design:

  • Select Incremental reference update to annotate only components with question marks in the name.
  • Select the Unconditional reference update to re-annotates all components. Use this option if it is specific names are not required for components.
  • Select Reset part references to “?” to reset all reference designators to question marks.

  1. Select Update Entire Design and Incremental reference update.
  2. Click OK