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What’s New in OrCAD X

Discover the latest updates to the OrCAD X platform, enabling transformative change to PCB designs.

23.1 Update

The OrCAD X 23.1 update expands upon ease of use, simplicity, and data intelligence in areas of  BOM optimization, fabrication and assembly documentation, PCB 3D, PCB Layout, SPICE analysis, and data management.

Data Management

Tighter integration of Live BOM into the OrCAD X Capture CIS environment, including:

  • ASME 2 level alphanumeric revision scheme support
  • Live BOM Updates
    • Connect OnPrem CIS DB with Live BOM
    • Customizable property columns
    • Inclusion of supply chain lead time
    • Cross probe from Live BOM to schematic
Ease of Use

Improved PCB object visibility control in both 2D & 3D within OrCAD X Presto & PCB Editor, including:

OrCAD X Presto PCB Editor

  • Stipple patterns
  • User-defined PCB views (save and recall visibility display)
  • Edit and update footprint (control what’s being updated in the PCB design after footprint edit)
    • Edit pin locations in the search table, enabling mass editing
    • Pad preview in search
    • DXF import in footprint
    • Paste special preserve location
    • Archive/remove DR/MU to share design with external users/partners

OrCAD X 3D in Presto & PCB Editor

  • Cutting planes
  • Material colors
  • Transparency control for all 3D objects
  • 3D DRC display options
  • Measure in 3D


OrCAD X Live DOC PCB fabrication & assembly documentation improvements, including:

  • Alternate units in dimensions
  • User-controlled text in dimensions
  • Panning and zooming aligned with the OrCAD X layout
  • ISO and ASME page sizes
  • Export PDF location

Analysis and Simulation

Get accelerated PSpice analysis with multicore parallel simulation supporting Monte Carlo, Temperature, and Parametric sweep, as well as analysis enhancements including noise contributor control, ISO transient sources for automotive applications, and audio simulation. Complete analysis enhancements include:

  • ISO transient sources for automotive applications
    • ISO 7637-2: Electrical disturbances from conduction and coupling
    • ISO 16750-2: Environmental conditions and related testing
  • PSpice performance improvement with parallel simulation on desktop
    • Sweep types supported for parallel simulation
      • Parametric sweep, Temperature sweep, Monte Carlo analysis
  • Control noise contributors in noise analysis
  • Perform audio simulation – Use .wav as input or export as output
  • PSpice simulation persona - a simplified way to globally apply simulator options