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Allegro PCB Design Solution

Proven PCB design environment that addresses technological and methodological challenges while making the design cycles shorter and predictable

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Systems companies are impacted by new devices and design methodologies offered by the semiconductor industry. New devices often bring more challenges, like increasing pin counts packaged in shrinking pin pitch ball grid arrays (BGAs). Additionally, new devices use evolving standards-based interfaces, such as DDR3, DDR4, PCI Express® (PCIe®) Gen3, USB 3.0, and others, that may require learning new ways to implement them on the board. Coupled with these increasingly complex technologies is the desire by companies to differentiate their offerings and get them to market faster, cheaper, with more functionality and in reduced end product size. As a result, many companies now outsource to or partner with companies in low-cost geographies. To manage such increasing complexities, PCB designers need a solution that addresses their technological and methodological challenges.