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  • Allegro - 3D Interactive1:28

    Allegro - 3D Interactive

    3D helps you visualize your end-product. By viewing your designs in interactive 3D, you can easily change the camera view to get a different perspective. And if your board has any flex regions, you ca

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  • Allegro - Route Vision1:24

    Allegro - Route Vision

    Optimizing your design shouldn’t be a post-process. With Allegro, you can easily find and fix common route quality issues that manufacturing checks miss. Use 9 user configurable checks to: locate, ide

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  • Allegro - Design Planning Auto Routing1:23

    Allegro - Design Planning Auto Routing

    With thousands of connections on your board, it’s crucial to organize and make your design intent known from the beginning. This way you can utilize your board space and layers efficiently. Proper des

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  • Allegro - DFT DesignTrue DFM1:32

    Allegro - DFT DesignTrue DFM

    Having your product fail in the field would be a nightmare. Which is why testing should always be a critical part of your manufacturing process. Whether you’re testing a bare board or a fully assemble

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  • Allegro - Impedance Vision and Analysis1:19

    Allegro - Impedance Vision and Analysis

    Properly managing impedance is a critical part of managing the signal integrity of your board. But DRC-based rule-driven checks don’t actually measure true impedance, they just help you manage generic

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  • Allegro - IR Drop Vision and Analysis1:24

    Allegro - IR Drop Vision and Analysis

    Sacrificing copper from your power plane to make room for components is never ideal. But when space gets tight, adding traces or dropping in vias on the power plane may be your only hope. These undesi

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  • Allegro - Place Vision0:57

    Allegro - Place Vision

    Good component placement is more than just finding a spot for everything. Through proper component placement, you can improve design performance, lower costs and shorten time to market.

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  • Allegro - Return Path Vision1:48

    Allegro - Return Path Vision

    Managing your signal's return path is crucial to maintaining the signal integrity of your design. If you're not careful, a poorly managed return path will degrade the functionality of your circuit.

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  • Allegro - Return Path Stitching Via1:48

    Allegro - Return Path Stitching Via

    Managing your signal's return path is crucial to maintaining the signal integrity of your design. If you're not careful, you might cross a split plane or jump reference planes in your design without n

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  • Allegro - Quickplace1:07

    Allegro - Quickplace

    The larger the design, the more time-consuming design transfer and parts placement can get. Allegro makes it easy to automate component placement so you’re not stuck placing components one at a time.

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  • Allegro - Crosstalk Analysis1:28

    Allegro - Crosstalk Analysis

    There's increasing demand for high speed signal design expertise, not just for signal integrity experts, but also for PCB designers. We simply don't have time to send designs to analysis and wait, and

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  • Allegro - Place Replicate1:37

    Allegro - Place Replicate

    You can create a reuse module from the completed circuitry and save it to your library for future use. Once saved in your library, you can apply the module to the rest of the power supplies in your de

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  • Allegro - Backdrill2:10

    Allegro - Backdrill

    Back drilling in Allegro is footprint aware, so if you change the parameters of a padstack, you can adjust the keepouts too. You don't need to manually update each one either. Changing the padstack li

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  • Allegro - Command Window1:33

    Allegro - Command Window

    The command window is a powerful way to input commands, too. Just type the command you want and press enter. As you type, predictive commands are displayed and autocompleted, making the command window

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  • Allegro - Design Workflow0:57

    Allegro - Design Workflow

    As your designs get more complex or as you work in specialized teams, you can create custom workflows for specific tasks or roles; like library creation or quality control checks. You can also custo

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  • Allegro - Find by Query1:28

    Allegro - Find by Query

    Building your query is easy. Rather than typing your query or memorizing functions, you can browse through all available object types and drag and drop. Just specify the operator values and instantly

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  • Allegro - Return Path DRC1:48

    Allegro - Return Path DRC

    Allegro analyzes your design to provide real-time insights and feedback to help you find and avoid potential return path issues. As you work, traces are color coded so you can quickly identify potent

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  • Allegro - 3D Spacing and Measurement1:00

    Allegro - 3D Spacing and Measurement

    Measuring distances between components and other STEP models in 3D is easy using the Measured Path command. Right-mouse click anywhere on the 3D canvas and select ‘Measured Path’. Click on an

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  • Allegro - 3D Placement and Movement1:06

    Allegro - 3D Placement and Movement

    Click the 3D button in the toolbar to open a new 3D canvas. You can still see the 2D canvas at the same time, or go full screen in 3D. All of the panes to your right have similar functions and lo

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  • Allegro - 3D Rigid-Flex1:08

    Allegro - 3D Rigid-Flex

    By bending and folding your rigid flex board in 3D, you can see how your design comes together for assembly. Lots of designs have more than one flexible region that need to be folded in a specifi

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