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  • High-Speed - Overview Video1:55

    High-Speed - Overview Video

    Quickly and easily identify signal integrity issues with various tools to improve design performance.

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  • Timing Vision - Feature Video1:12

    Timing Vision - Feature Video

    Easily detect and resolve any timing issues such as delay and phase in real-time with the help of color-coded overlays on your canvas.

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  • Reflection Analysis - Feature Video1:14

    Reflection Analysis - Feature Video

    High-speed designs are vulnerable to problems such as reflection and ringing, so it’s important to simulate your designs and nip any issues in the bud.

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  • Design Rule Check: High-Speed - Feature Video1:31

    Design Rule Check: High-Speed - Feature Video

    Ensure that all your high-speed requirements are met by setting up constraints to flag any signal integrity issues and quickly optimize your PCB design.

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  • Design Planning - Feature Video1:18

    Design Planning - Feature Video

    With a reliable design plan and routing process, you can quickly meet tight deadlines and bring your products to market faster.

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  • Impedance Analysis - Feature Video1:12

    Impedance Analysis - Feature Video

    Learn how the PCB designer can easily and quickly identify signal quality issues and causes without the need for simulation models or extensive signal integrity expertise.

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  • Placement Vision - Feature Video0:53

    Placement Vision - Feature Video

    Through proper component placement, you can improve design performance, lower costs and shorten time to market.

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  • Return Path Analysis - Feature Video1:43

    Return Path Analysis - Feature Video

    Learn how powerful analysis workflows make it fast and easy to manage return path issues on your board so you can design right the first time.

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  • Crosstalk Analysis - Feature Video1:24

    Crosstalk Analysis - Feature Video

    Easily identify and resolve crosstalk issues in your design right in the PCB editor canvas.

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  • Place Replicate - Feature Video1:29

    Place Replicate - Feature Video

    Learn how you can create a reuse module from the completed circuitry and save it to your library for future use.

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  • Design Rule Check: Manufacturing - Feature Video1:10

    Design Rule Check: Manufacturing - Feature Video

    Setting up manufacturing design checks from the beginning helps you easily identify and eliminate any potential issues before they cost you time and money.

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  • Contour and Arc Routing - Feature Video1:01

    Contour and Arc Routing - Feature Video

    Learn how to quickly and efficiently route around the bends or corners in your PCB design.

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  • High Density Interconnection - Feature Video1:12

    High Density Interconnection - Feature Video

    Learn how to utilize blind, buried and micro vias to save space and pack power in a more compact HDI design.

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  • Documentation Editor - Feature Video1:51

    Documentation Editor - Feature Video

    Easily streamline your documentation process and convey everything needed for error-free manufacturing.

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  • DesignTrue DFM Customer Partner Portal - Feature Video1:12

    DesignTrue DFM Customer Partner Portal - Feature Video

    The web based DFM Partner Program lets you easily communicate and request custom manufacturability rules from leading manufacturers for your designs, saving you time.

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  • Via Arrays - Feature Video1:33

    Via Arrays - Feature Video

    Easily add vias arrays or via structures in various patterns to your designs.

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  • Analysis Driven Design - Overview Video1:24

    Analysis Driven Design - Overview Video

    Learn how to minimize post-analysis rework by utilizing the integrated analysis workflows within the PCB editor to help resolve SI or PI issues.

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  • Coupling Analysis - Feature Video1:25

    Coupling Analysis - Feature Video

    Learn how to quickly identify coupling issues without the need for simulation models or extensive SI expertise.

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  • Route Vision - Feature Video1:20

    Route Vision - Feature Video

    Improve PCB design quality by identifying and optimizing various routing configurations. Utilize 9 user configurable checks to: locate, identify, and adjust your design.

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  • Design for Test - Feature Video1:27

    Design for Test - Feature Video

    Set up your Design for Test constraints to find potential defects/functionality issues and produce more reliable products.

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