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  • How to Reduce Power Starvation and Hot Spots1:59

    How to Reduce Power Starvation and Hot Spots

    Allegro's IR Drop analysis makes it easy to analyze the current density of your PDN.

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  • Worst-Case Analysis in PSpice1:57

    Worst-Case Analysis in PSpice

    Simulate your design using worst-case analysis in PSpice so you can identify the most critical components that affect circuit performance and ensure circuit functionality even with non-ideal ...

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  • Real-Time Constraint Driven Design Overview1:23

    Real-Time Constraint Driven Design Overview

    Whether you're working on a schematic or PCB, easily communicate design intent by defining rules for electrical, physical and manufacturing to ensure first-pass success.

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  • Seamless Multi-CAD 3D Model Integration1:23

    Seamless Multi-CAD 3D Model Integration

    With support for multiple native CAD formats, the 3D Mapper allows for quick and accurate model mapping on your PCB. Visualize your design in 3D and identify any potential assembly issues.

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