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eBook: 3D Packaging vs 3D Integration

In this eBook we explore the background of multi-chip packaging, delve into the trends of heterogeneous integration and multi-die packages, and address design and analysis challenges.

Discover the nuances between 3D packaging and 3D integration with this comprehensive eBook. Gain insights into the essence of 3D-IC while exploring the rise of heterogeneous integration. Uncover the intricacies of multi-die packages and confront the design and analysis hurdles inherent in advanced package design.

In this eBook, you will:

•    Explore the background and trends of multi-die packages

•    Learn about the distinct approaches of 3D packaging and 3D integration

•    Examine the challenges within heterogeneous integration

Equip yourself to evaluate your design tools and methodologies to meet the demands of the next era in 3D integration. Learn more about IC Package Design and Analysis solutions.