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Working with Real-Time DFA Analysis

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Working with Design Partitions Design Partitioning October 2019 25 Product Version 17.4-2019 © 1999-2019 All Rights Reserved. Figure 1-10 Partition_3 Status: Retracted Example: How to Recover an Obsolete Partition During the course of team design, a partition file becomes obsolete as a result of an import by master designer. What if the partition designer continues to work on the file, unaware that he should wait for a new exported copy from master? Can he salvage his work? The recovery mode option located in the bottom right corner of the user interface allows an obsolete partition file to be imported into the master database. The steps for this operation appear in the Workflow Manager in the Recovery Instructions section and are outlined in Figure 1-11 on page 26. 1. The partition to be recovered must have a status of Exported. 2. If it does not, export it first. Important Rename or move the file to be recovered to prevent it from being overwritten by the export process. 3. Select the partition to recover. Update the path to the .dpf file, if necessary. The location display should be red because the file is obsolete. 4. Press Import. Success or failure is reported on the status bar.

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