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Working with Design Partitions Design Partitioning October 2019 23 Product Version 17.4-2019 © 1999-2019 All Rights Reserved. Refreshing Partitions Updating partitions is done using Refresh from the Workflow Manager. When opening the Workflow Manager, ensure the path and filename are correct. If the background of the location cell is red, the path to the partition file is invalid (see Figure 1-8 on page 23). Use the Refresh button for one or more partitions simultaneously. There are no restrictions on the number of times a partition can be refreshed. When applied, it reads the files listed in the location cells in their last saved state. Team members should agree on a schedule that saves the partition files on a regular interval; otherwise, the latest data may not be captured. Team members should communicate with each other when it is necessary to share a changed name or changed location of a .dpf file and other critical team design data that is not automatically emailed. The manual mail command is accessible from the Mail button on the Workflow Manager or the Allegro command mail. Figure 1-8 Invalid Path Progress State The Workflow Manager attempts to retrieve data on each partition each time it is opened. This includes the designer's name, note attachments, and the progress state. There are three states the partition designer can select: New, In Progress, or Complete. The system automatically seeds the state New for new partitions created by the master and In Progress for the status of an exported partition opened by the partition designer as shown in Figure 1- 9 on page 24.

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