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Working with Real-Time DFA Analysis

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Working with Design Partitions Design Partitioning October 2019 21 Product Version 17.4-2019 © 1999-2019 All Rights Reserved. Exporting Partitions When exporting, partition databases (.dpf) are written to directories below the master design directory. The partition databases end in the extension .dpf with a root name of the actual partition name. The status cells adjacent to the respective exported partitions indicate an exported state (see Figure 1-7 on page 21). The master cannot edit the path of the export directory. The master designer is prompted to save his or her file to ensure synchronization throughout the process. At the time of export, an email is sent to each team member whose address appears adjacent to their respective partition. The content of the email message provides information on the path and name of the partition file, master board file, and host machine. An example of this message is as follows: Exporting partitions: partition: MODULE_AREA filename: ./module_area/module_area.dpf user: john_smith Master Design: D:/work/cadence/boards/place.brd Master Design is located on PC-SMITHJ The master designer has the option to disable this feature by enabling the Suppress Mail option in the Workflow Manager. Figure 1-7 Exported Status

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