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Working with Design Partitions Design Partitioning October 2019 13 Product Version 17.4-2019 © 1999-2019 All Rights Reserved. Editing and Deleting Partition Areas Modify partition boundaries using the shape editing suite of commands. Partition areas cannot overlap or nest within other areas. Use of a coarse grid–25 or 50 mils–is recommended to help snap boundaries to adjacent ones. Try to prevent gaps between partitions. This causes excessive guideport displacement and unworkable zones. The master designer must use the Workflow Manager to delete partitions. Enable the partitions to be deleted, then click the Delete button. Attempting to delete a partition from the generic delete command produces a command window message: Cannot edit Shape, Not on a Net, Boundary/All. It has the FIXED property. Partition Area Naming Convention Partition names default to PARTITION_2, PARTITION_3, and so on. The master designer is considered PARTITION_1 and can change the name of these partitions to reflect the functional circuit or even the team member's name. This is done in the Workflow Manager or in the Options window tab when in the Create Partitions command. The partition names appear within the boundary and can be moved to a more suitable position. Renaming from the Options Tab – From within the Create Partitions command, click the Options tab, then click the View Next button to navigate to the partition that you want to rename. In the Name field, enter the new partition name, then click Apply to accept the change. Note the name MASTER is hard-coded and cannot be changed. Renaming from the Workflow Manager – Access the Workflow Manager from the Options tab or from Place – Design Partition – Workflow Manager. The name of the partition appears in the Name column. Enter the new name, then click the Apply button to accept. Moving the Partition Name Text – The partition name can be moved by using the move command with Text selected in the Find Filter tab. Text Display Color – The partition text is associated with the boundary area. The color can be changed in the Color dialog box, Stackup – Boundary Through All. The text size control is located in the Design Parameter Editor. Note: The use of the edit text command does not register new partition group names in the database.

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