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Benefits • Provide conclusive IR drop analysis for the complete package and board power delivery system • Locate current and temperature hot spots to avoid risk of failure • Optimize voltage regulator module (VRM) sense line locations • Address interrelated effects with electrical/thermal co-simulation • Pinpoint crucial voltage distributions and IR drop issues at multiple component locations • Identify hard-to-find, high-resistance routing neckdowns • Perform analysis in order of magnitude faster than otherwise possible • Find path and loop resistance issues for the entire power delivery network, and generate a resistive SPICE circuit model for the design • Avoid costly implementations, engineering delays, and field failures • Capture Cadence Allegro® PowerTree™ tool data from schematic data and visualize the PDN topologies • Using PowerTree information, simulate early and detect required component changes before the layout exists • Automatically set up post-route analysis using PowerTree data captured during the logical design stage of PCB design • Option to use a common analysis model library to avoid duplicate model settings for the same components • Using the PowerTree interface, easily track changes (ECOs) to the PDN design and reuse previous setup information to quickly validate the changes • Automatically create electrical constraints based on calculations from the IPC standard • Interface with Cadence Voltus ™ technology to enable chip/ package/board electrical/thermal co-simulation The Cadence ® Sigrity ™ PowerDC ™ environment provides fast and accurate DC analysis for IC packages and PCBs along with thermal analysis that also supports electrical and thermal co-simulation. Targeting both pre- and post-layout applications, the Sigrity PowerDC approach enables you to quickly identify IR drop, current density, and thermal issues that are among the leading field failure risks. Powerful features, including sense line location optimization and simplified design-rule checker (DRC) confirmation, work in concert with the fastest available simulation to support design improvements without excess cost and schedule impacts. Sigrity PowerDC DC and thermal analysis for packages and boards Figure 1: The Sigrity PowerDC environment's electrical and thermal co-simulation efficiently pinpoints design risks

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