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  • Real-Time Feedback and ECO - OrCAD Product Feature1:26

    Real-Time Feedback and ECO - OrCAD Product Feature

    Real-Time feedback and design synchronization helps keep your design in check.

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  • Unified Search - OrCAD Product Feature1:15

    Unified Search - OrCAD Product Feature

    Easily access an up-to-date database with datasheets, symbols, footprints, 3D models and part descriptions from the provided vendors to place parts within your schematic.

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  • PSpice - Overview Video3:33

    PSpice - Overview Video

    Cadence® PSpice® A/D combines industry-leading, native analog and mixed-signal engines to deliver a complete circuit simulation and verification solution that meets the changing simulation needs of ci

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  • Customizable Workspace - OrCAD Product Feature1:01

    Customizable Workspace - OrCAD Product Feature

    Customize your workspace to fit your design needs.

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  • Allegro-PSpice Advanced Analysis and MATLAB integration (HPE)55:48

    Allegro-PSpice Advanced Analysis and MATLAB integration (HPE)

    Complete pre- and post-layout testing for analog and mixed-signal designs with powerful simulation, debugging, design, and analysis utilities

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  • Sigrity - System SI deepdive (HPE)56:38

    Sigrity - System SI deepdive (HPE)

    Signal integrity analysis of parallel buses and serial links.

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  • Sigrity - PowerSI (HPE)50:36

    Sigrity - PowerSI (HPE)

    To help you tackle increasingly challenging issues related to simultaneous switching noise, signal coupling, and target voltage levels.

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  • Sigrity - PowerDC & Celsius (HPE)55:45

    Sigrity - PowerDC & Celsius (HPE)

    PowerDC technology quickly pinpoints excessive IR drop, along with areas of excess current density and thermal hot spots to minimize your design’s risk of field failure.

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  • Sigrity - OptimizePI (HPE)41:32

    Sigrity - OptimizePI (HPE)

    Quickly pinpoint the best decap selections and placement locations to meet your power-delivery network (PDN) needs at the lowest possible cost.

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  • Allegro - DesignTrue DFM (HPE)59:34

    Allegro - DesignTrue DFM (HPE)

    Actually design for manufacturability—not redesign for manufacturability, not make frequent changes for manufacturability—and accelerate new product introduction.

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  • Allegro - Design Planning Option Demo (HPE)58:02

    Allegro - Design Planning Option Demo (HPE)

    Instead of working on groups of nets you can run automated breakout and routing features on bundles, group nets into bundles is the foundation to fast bus routing.

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  • Allegro - ECAD-MCAD Library Creator (HPE)50:06

    Allegro - ECAD-MCAD Library Creator (HPE)

    Help your team improve the quality and accuracy of the library. Connect your ECAD and MCAD libraries to make sure you have a complete picture of all your components.

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  • OrCAD Bumper Video0:10

    OrCAD Bumper Video

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  • Cadence  vision board1:11

    Cadence vision board

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  • Cadence 5G Intelligent System Design27:13

    Cadence 5G Intelligent System Design

    Creating differentiated and intelligent electronic systems in a rapidly evolving, hyper-connected world.

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  • Improving Signal Integrity in 5G RF Designs2:53

    Improving Signal Integrity in 5G RF Designs

    Learn how Corning Optical Communications engineers improved signal analysis for their 5G designs with Cadence Sigrity™ tools.

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  • On Demand Webinar: OrCAD Constraint Driven Flow40:33

    On Demand Webinar: OrCAD Constraint Driven Flow

    The OrCAD constraint driven flow provides a unique, fully integrated environment to define design intent and dynamically track compliance throughout the entire implementation process. Join PCB desi

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  • On-Demand Webinar: PSpice Modeling37:47

    On-Demand Webinar: PSpice Modeling

    Join EMA for a free on-demand webinar to learn more about part modeling in Cadence® PSpice®, the industry’s #1 analog simulator. We will highlight features such as creating parts from a datasheet, usi

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  • On-Demand Webinar: OrCAD Sigrity ERC26:56

    On-Demand Webinar: OrCAD Sigrity ERC

    Simple PCB Design Rule Checks alone are no longer adequate to ensure signal quality and therefore, reliable design function. With OrCAD Sigrity, you can now have greater confidence that your PCB desig

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  • On-Demand Webinar: OrCAD EDM 2.0 28:31

    On-Demand Webinar: OrCAD EDM 2.0

    Managing PCB design data is a complex process. Designing a PCB generates a host of files and associated data that must be kept in sync and tracked. Often these files are being accessed and edited by m

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