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  • Allegro Real Time DFM Checks

    Allegro Real Time DFM Checks

    There’s no worse feeling than when you think your design is done, only to discover errors you need to fix.

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  • Allegro DRC Browser

    Allegro DRC Browser

    As the PCB designer, you’re responsible for fixing any design errors, regardless of how they got there. Why wait for someone else to find them?

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  • Allegro DFM Integrated Manufacturing Constraints

    Allegro DFM Integrated Manufacturing Constraints

    DFM checks help you make sure your design can be manufactured.

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  • Allegro 3D Rigid-Flex

    Allegro 3D Rigid-Flex

    A 3D view of your design gives you insight into how it fits together.

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  • Allegro 3D Placement and Movement

    Allegro 3D Placement and Movement

    The 3D canvas is great for visualizing and correcting collisions in your designs. Placing and moving components in the 3D canvas is easy as well. It’s not that different from working in the 2D canvas.

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  • Allegro 3D Spacing and Measurement

    Allegro 3D Spacing and Measurement

    Seeing your board in 3D shows you exactly what it will look like, and how it will fit after being manufactured. You can measure the distances between component STEP models, Vias, Pads, Clines and...

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  • Allegro Return Path DRC

    Allegro Return Path DRC

    Managing your signal's return path is crucial to maintaining the signal integrity of your design. If you're not careful, you might cross a split plane or jump reference planes in your design...

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  • Allegro Find by Query

    Allegro Find by Query

    When your boards are large, dense, or both, it can get hard to find what you're looking for. The powerful Find by Query feature in Allegro makes it easy to search within your designs.

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  • Allegro Design Workflow

    Allegro Design Workflow

    The design workflow takes you through the typical steps of a design and puts the features you need right at your fingertips.

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  • Allegro Command Window

    Allegro Command Window

    The command window keeps a log of all your activity and shows color-coded error messages and notifications, giving you a consistent reference point as you design.

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  • Allegro Backdrill

    Allegro Backdrill

    Routing a single trace on multiple layers may leave you with unused sections of plated through holes. In high-speed designs, these stubs will cause signal integrity issues.

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  • Allegro Place Replicate

    Allegro Place Replicate

    Important circuits are used more than once in designs. Power supplies, amplifiers and interfaces often need replication down to the final detail.

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  • Allegro Cross Talk Analysis

    Allegro Cross Talk Analysis

    Crosstalk on critical signals in DDR memory is a pain to get right and return path problems are difficult to find and debug with traditional tools.

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  • Allegro Quickplace

    Allegro Quickplace

    When engineers are creating the schematic, they’re grouping components together by functionality. You too can place components on your design relative to their position on the schematic.

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  • Allegro Return Path Stitching Via

    Allegro Return Path Stitching Via

    Allegro analyzes your design to provide real-time insights and feedback to help you find and avoid potential return path issues.

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  • Allegro Return Path Vision and Analysis

    Allegro Return Path Vision and Analysis

    Poorly managed return path leads to noise and signal integrity problems degrading the function of your circuit. Worst case scenario, the signal doesn't return back and the circuit stops functioning.

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  • Allegro Place Vision

    Allegro Place Vision

    Components could be too far apart from each other and there is no way of knowing unless you measure their distance.

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  • Allegro IR Drop Vision and Analysis

    Allegro IR Drop Vision and Analysis

    Ideally, we'd all want a massive power plane on a dedicated layer. But that's not realistic. Instead, we sacrifice copper to make room for component placement...

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  • Allegro Impedance Vision and Analysis

    Allegro Impedance Vision and Analysis

    The PCB designer can easily and quickly identify signal quality issues and causes without the need for simulation models or extensive signal integrity expertise.

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  • Allegro DFT DesignTrue DFM

    Allegro DFT DesignTrue DFM

    Without testing the functionality of your board you’ll end up with more field failures and scrapped boards (lower yield). Which in turn becomes more costly. Less reliable products.

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