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OrCAD ® Component Information Portal (CIP) is a comprehensive OrCAD CIS database management and online component research environment. Together with OrCAD CaptureCIS, the portal enables design teams to quickly and cost-effectively realize the full benefits of a shared component database and effective component management process. Overview OrCAD CIP is a powerful component data management environment that enhances and extends OrCAD CaptureCIS. It provides an intuitive, integrated interface to directly add or maintain component information for a CIS database as well as integrated online distributor access that facilitates component research on downloadable component content for millions of orderable parts. All PCB designs, whether large or small, simple or complex, have components – resistors, capacitors, active devices, etc. As such, any company designing PCBs has to deal with component and component data management in one form or another. In its simplest form, a list of component names, part numbers, package types, and suppliers might be documented on a piece of paper or compiled in a spreadsheet having been derived from manual component research on various manufacturer or vendor websites. A non-centralized, manual process such as this contains numerous inefficiencies and a substantial level of risk throughout the entire design flow, procurement process, and assembly. Aside from the inability to efficiently and intelligently share infor- mation within an engineering team, inevitable errors, such as one person making changes without letting everyone else know and the possibility of different people having conflicting versions Highlights • Ability to easily add and maintain components and parametric data in the CIS database versus manual, external methods / programs, saving time and resources • Integrated access to component parametric data from suppliers and vendors to speed up component research • Temporary part creation process that allows designs to keep moving forward while a new part is approved and introduced • Ability for procurement professionals, librarians, and other non-engineering individuals to use the portal's web interface to search and select distributor part data using one common tool OrCAD Component Information Portal On-demand component data OrCAD Capture CIS OrCAD CIP Supported Distributors

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