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©2015 Cadence Design Systems, Inc. All rights reserved worldwide. Cadence, the Cadence logo, and OrCAD are registered trademarks and the OrCAD logo is a trademark of Cadence Design Systems, Inc. in the United States and other countries. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. 4629 05/15 CY/ DM / PDF www.orcad.com OrCAD Component Information Portal of the component information, could lead to procurement problems, schedule delays, budget impacts, or design / assembly failures. The benefits of an intelligent, integrated, and shared component and component data management system can be realized by providing access to any and all necessary component-related information that permeates every aspect of a board's design and development flow. Everyone who needs the information would have access to all the appropriate component data where and when it's needed. Any changes could only be made by approved team members and would get communicated to ensure changes do not go unnoticed. OrCAD CIP facilitates this process by providing enhanced access to a centralized CIS database, along with intuitive component database management. The portal comes complete with a 5,000-part starter library and database to eliminate the work associated with populating a CIS database from scratch. Once implemented, the shared CIS database or the solution's six integrated, online part distributors can be searched for parts that meet the designs' exact requirements. Component data from the online part distributors can be downloaded (including cost, quantity on-hand information, etc.) directly into the CIS database for use in the current design and for future designs. CIS Database Setup and Management For any component database to be effective, it needs a lot of parametric content. Populating hundreds of fields of parametric information for electronic components using a manual process is expensive, tedious, and error prone. OrCAD CIP includes a starter database of over 5,000 components. The database comes complete with symbols and footprints, and can serve as a foundation for a successful CIS implementation. The database also provides a predefined database schema to help encourage consistent practices and an automated methodology for ongoing maintenance that includes complete part data. OrCAD CIP also provides an intuitive interface within OrCAD CaptureCIS to directly add or maintain component information for a CIS database. It allows performance of basic tasks, such as creating, editing, deleting, and searching for parts, as well as advanced tasks such as storing component data from distrib- utors' databases, setting up approval processes, and defining custom company database fields. Streamline Component Research The online distributor integration within OrCAD CIP allows access to downloadable component content for millions of orderable parts into the CIS database. The integration is supported by several large distributors, including Arrow Electronics, Mouser Electronics, Farnell, Newark, Future Electronics, and DigiKey. This integration provides a wealth of content, from electrical parameters to compliance status to costs and availability. Access to the full breadth of component information allows trade-offs and selection refinements to be made to minimize delays and optimize costs. New Part Introduction OrCAD CIP facilitates a process for temporary parts to be created, which can be used as a placeholder within a design as it moves forward. Temporary parts have to go through an extensive internal review process by purchasing, manufacturing, and documentation groups before it can be approved for use. This often requires significant overhead to complete the part, verify it, and add it to the system. The new part process reduces this overhead, ensuring new parts added will be complete, purchasable, and compliant. User Roles and Data Access OrCAD CIP supports user privileges and roles to define access rights to component data. Such support ensures data integrity and gives users access to only the information they need. Notifications can be enabled to inform stakeholders of changes as they happen, keeping everyone in sync. The portal also includes a web-based interface that enables non-OrCAD CaptureCIS users, like those in documentation, library development, and purchasing, to have access to the parts database without using the OrCAD design software. This saves time in communication and helps cut costs by allowing purchasing to encourage the use of cost-effective parts. For the latest product or release information, visit us at www.orcad.com or contact your local Cadence ® Channel Partner. Sales, Technical Support, and Training The OrCAD product line is owned by Cadence Design Systems, Inc., and is supported by a worldwide network of Cadence Channel Partners (VARs). For sales, technical support, or training, contact your local channel partner. For a complete list of autho- rized channel partners, visit www.orcad.com/CCP-Listing.

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