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The Customer Headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan, Pegatron Corporation is an electronics manufacturing company that develops computing, communications, and consumer electronics products for branded vendors. The company also designs, develops, and manufactures computer peripherals and components. Its diverse product line includes motherboards, desktop PCs, notebooks, wireless systems, game consoles, networking equipment, and set-top boxes. Pegatron is a spin-off of ASUSTeK Computer Inc., more commonly known as ASUS, a multinational computer hardware and electronics company that's also based in Taipei. As deputy director of computer-aided engineering (CAE) at Pegatron, Sky Huang leads a team that develops PCBs and design tools that support Pegatron's R&D units for tablets, notebooks, and servers. Like ASUS, Pegatron is a longtime user of the complete set of Cadence ® Allegro ® PCB and IC packaging design and OrCAD ® PCB design tools. The Challenge Huang and his team became frustrated at how much time they were spending to manually route and tune the traces on PCBs they developed for notebook, tablet, and server products. Their customers previously asked only for rough evaluations of whether the trace on the boards could be completed; now, they request 100 percent routing, including the tuning. A ball-grid array (BGA) package might have up to 1,000 pins, so having to route such a BGA pin by pin was a painfully slow process. Pegatron and Cadence "The AiDT feature in Allegro PCB Designer ended our frustrations over all of the time we were spending on routing and tuning. All of the hours we're saving as a team can be directed toward new project requests for the business." Sky Huang (Yu-Jen Huang), Deputy Director of Computer-Aided Engineering, Pegatron Business Challenges • Free up resources to support more project requests • Enhance productivity of layout team Design Challenges • Faster routing and tuning process for boards Cadence Solution • Allegro PCB Designer plus High-Speed Option (Auto Interactive Delay Tuning feature) Results • Up to 67% faster routing process • 75% reduction in engineering resources required for routing and tuning, freeing engineers to work on new projects • Faster tuning time • Increased customer satisfaction • Decrease in errors due to 300 utilities developed in Allegro PCB Designer

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