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Benefits Use Sigrity OptimizePI technology to: • Automate the selection and placement of decaps • Eliminate decap over-design for PCBs and IC packages • Reduce PDN cost of new designs and postproduction products • Recapture design area used by unnecessary decaps • Develop effective decap design guidelines • Investigate pre-layout decap placement and selection scenarios • Interactively assess tradeoffs for PDN cost vs. performance • Understand both system- and device-level PDN performance • Create lowest-cost,best- performance decap placement tables • Capture Cadence Allegro ® PowerTree ™ data from schematic data and visualize the PDN topologies • Automatically set-up post route analysis using PowerTree data captured during the logical design stage of PCB design Unprecedented Cost Savings Eliminate decap over-design Decap cost savings of 15% to 50% are typical with the Sigrity OptimizePI environment. Designs with a large number of decap components and those manufactured in volume benefit most. Cost savings are achieved by reducing the number of decaps placed and by targeting lower-priced components where practical. Device suppliers may suggest general guide- lines such as "one decap per power pin" or describe preferred decap implementation schemes. Both approaches typically lead to an overly robust system. The Sigrity OptimizePI approach helps companies capitalize on this margin to gain market advantage. Assure PDN performance The Sigrity OptimizePI tool's cost savings are achieved while analytically assuring PDN performance. The Cadence ® Sigrity ™ OptimizePI ™ environment automates the selection and placement of decoupling capacitors (decaps) to assure products meet power-delivery network (PDN) performance targets at the lowest possible cost. The Sigrity OptimizePI approach may be applied to PCBs and IC packages, or a combination thereof. Cadence's proprietary and proven Sigrity analysis technologies are augmented with an efficient optimization engine to uniquely enable cost-based PDN design. The Sigrity OptimizePI capabilities can fully explore the feasible design space and identify a range of candidate decap implementations, enabling users to pinpoint the ideal approach. Sigrity OptimizePI Cost-based power-delivery network design Figure 1: Sigrity OptimizePI capabilities quickly pinpoint designs that offer the same or better performance at lower cost

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