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Benefits • Extracts models for an entire package or only selected nets • Creates ball grid array (BGA), system-in-package (SiP), and leadframe package models • Supports designs with wirebond and flip-chip die attachment • Produces standard IBIS models (with or without coupling) • Generates RLGC models with asymmetric PI or T circuits • Produces compact broadband models with verifiable full-wave accuracy • Examines RLC model values as tables and netlists, or as 2D curves and 3D distributions • Assures broadband model compat- ibility with time-domain circuit simulation • Generates HTML format electrical performance assessment report Features Full-wave accuracy In contrast with quasi-static RLGC package extraction tools, XtractIM provides RLGC parasitics based on S-parameters obtained from full-wave hybrid solvers. The numerical solvers include all physical effects, such as nets, vias, wirebonds, solder balls/ bumps, and arbitrarily shaped planes. All coupling mechanisms are also considered; these include net to net, net to plane, plane to plane, and wirebond to wirebond. High-capacity solvers enable the XtractIM tool to uniquely generate entire package models from a single simulation, which The Cadence ® Sigrity ™ XtractIM ™ tool provides a complete model extraction environment focused specifically on IC package applications. The tool generates electrical models of IC packages in IBIS or SPICE circuit netlist format. These concise parasitic models can be per pin/net RLC list, coupled matrices, or Pi/T SPICE sub-circuits. Using models created with XtractIM, you can quickly assess package electrical characteristics and perform system-level signal and power integrity simulations by including drivers, receivers, and other interconnects. XtractIM is more than an order of magnitude faster than alternative approaches, and also yields higher accuracy and more broadband package models. Cadence Sigrity XtractIM IC package model extraction Figure 1: Compact broadband SPICE model

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