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Cadence Sigrity XtractIM Cadence is transforming the global electronics industry through a vision called EDA360. With an application-driven approach to design, our software, hardware, IP, and services help customers realize silicon, SoCs, and complete systems efficiently and profitably. www.cadence.com © 2013 Cadence Design Systems, Inc. All rights reserved. Cadence and the Cadence logo are registered trademarks and Sigrity and XtractIM are trademarks of Cadence Design Systems, Inc. All others are properties of their respective holders. 429C 04 /13 CY/ DM / PDF increases accuracy by including all return path effects. Full-wave solvers enable extraction of circuit netlists that correctly represent asymmetric physical structures for higher model accuracy and greater bandwidth. Comprehensive package support XtractIM supports a wide range of IC package types, including both BGA and leadframe. The tool also supports wirebond and flip-chip die attach styles for single-die and SiP implementations. Multi-die designs can include stacked die, side-by-side positioning, and package- on-package approaches. You can extract models for entire packages or for selected nets. XtractIM models can incorporate discrete components (such as on-package decoupling capacitors), more accurately reflecting package power delivery systems and the coupling amongst power, ground, and signal nets. This is particularly important for simultaneous switching output (SSO)/simultaneous switching noise (SSN) analysis. Broadband frequency support XtractIM is the only dedicated package extraction solution to provide broadband multi-stage optimized models. These models offer verifiable accuracy over a specified frequency range and fill a gap between IBIS/RLGC and full-wave S-parameters. With their compact sizes (typically 2% of S-parameter or pole-zero models), you benefit from highly efficient time-domain simulations. The circuit topology of these broadband models implicitly assures passivity, causality, and proper DC behavior. The XtractIM optimization of RLC component values to fit broadband full-wave results is signifi- cantly more accurate than approaches that depend on guesses to distribute single R, L, and C static values for multi- stage circuits. User-friendly workflow XtractIM has an easy-to-use workflow that assists with set-up tasks such as stackup checking, C4 bump and solder ball creation, signal and power/ ground net selection, and defining other extraction parameters. This guidance ensures that extracted models accurately reflect your objectives. You can select either RLGC or broadband model options from a menu in the step-by-step flow. XtractIM provides a variety of options for viewing results and for the analysis of RLC distributions among all the nets. You can export extracted models in a variety of formats to accommodate specific application objectives. Integration • Available for use with Windows and Linux • Interfaces to IC package layout databases from Cadence, Mentor Graphics, Zuken, and AutoCAD • DXF import utility with customization options for leadframe designs • Outputs Model Connection Protocol (MCP) and Chip Package Protocol (CPP) for circuit model connection Figure 2: Intuitive checklist workflow and 3D viewing guides extraction of wirebond package

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