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Allegro PCB Librarian XL

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Library Development Allegro PCB Librarian Allegro Design Workbench Allegro Library Workbench Allegro Library Management Server Library and Team Design Management Library, Team, and Design Data Management and Collaboration Allegro Design Workbench Allegro Library Workbench Allegro Library Management Server Allegro Design Workbench PDM Option Allegro PCB Librarian Allegro PCB Librarian maximizes the productivity of librarians who create schematic symbols, PCB footprints, and digital simulation map files for use in the Allegro PCB design flow. An easy-to-use interface, a configu- rable work environment, and an array of advanced verification utilities make it a powerful library development environment. Benefits • Accelerates part creation with the help of advanced part creation and verification utilities • Offers integrated online verifi- cation and flow verification using interactive and batch tools to provide "known-good" library data for design tools • Enables easy import of part information from tables, grids, text files, and several other commonly used formats –– Complete for new parts –– Incremental for changed parts to expedite updates Figure 1: Allegro library development and management solution Cadence ® Allegro ® PCB Librarian comprises an advanced library development environment for board-level design components. A comprehensive library toolset makes part creation fast and easy by reducing development time associated with large-pin-count parts from days to just minutes. Allegro PCB Librarian automates part creation tasks, eliminates manual validation, and captures revision history for schematic symbols. When used with Allegro Design Workbench, it becomes part of a scalable, comprehensive library creation, management, and component information system. Allegro PCB Librarian • Delivers powerful graphics-editing capabilities to create schematic symbols and reusable shapes • Provides a common library development environment for multi- vendor schematic design tools • Integrates with Allegro Design Authoring and Allegro Design Workbench Features • Imports from more than 15 common file formats in full and incremental modes • Exports to 5 common file formats –– Capture –– EDA XML –– CSV –– Mentor DxDesigner –– Design Architect • Provides integrated spreadsheet and graphical editors for schematic symbols Maximizing productivity in a powerful library development environment

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