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www.cadence.com 1 Overview The real power of an organization is in the expertise of every member of the team. These experts need to under- stand every step of the design process if they are to contribute their best to the project. You need to understand the status of their tasks and you need the confidence of knowing the job is getting done right from the beginning. That's why design reviews are essential before building prototypes and generating manufacturing data. But gathering insights about a design project and analyzing them can be a very tedious manual process for you and your engineers. Any time spent away from the design in meetings or documenting issues threatens to jeopardize the entire project. Metrics and analysis cannot come at the expense of design productivity and efficiency. Allegro Pulse provides a single unified platform for all your design analysis. Near-real-time metric collection, issue tracking, preferred parts, and IP management for work-in-progress design data helps your team to meet or exceed cost and time goals. Providing insights and analysis to everyone in their native environment at every stage makes design project management pain free. Get an Accurate Picture Allegro Pulse analyzes and collects data on your work-in-progress designs in near real time, so all members of the project team have the insights they need to ensure a successful project. Data on over 50 out-of-the-box metrics, as well as your custom metrics, are collected and displayed in easy-to-use dashboards to assist with forecasting and project management. Control costs early in the design process, without compromising on functionality or manufacturability, by pre-defining your preferred parts Meetings, ad-hoc questions, and manual status reports are error prone and pull engineers away from the design process. But the data and metrics you're asking for are crucial to achieving design success. The Cadence ® Allegro ® Pulse tool connects management, engineering, and other business stakeholders to work-in-progress design data, ensuring everyone has near-real-time insights early in the project. Together they can contribute to the design in a way that doesn't burden the teams. Managers can see at a glance whether projects are on schedule, meeting cost targets, and standards compliant—while engineers have all the project specifications they need inside the design environment, not a spreadsheet. Parts compliance is guaranteed by defining preferred parts early and enforcing their selection through the design process. Allegro Pulse gives you the metrics and insights you need to shorten design cycles and time to market, rein in costs, and predict and mitigate risks before they ruin your project. Allegro Pulse Control, insights, and metrics for your work-in-progress designs A central dashboard to track key performance indicators, issues, and design metrics graphically and textually provides direct insights into the status of your projects, ensuring cost, parts compliance, and schedule targets are met.

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