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www.cadence.com 2 Allegro EDM Solution Allegro Data Manager Tightly integrated with the Allegro Design Entry HDL and Allegro PCB Editor, the Allegro Data Manager provides a configurable design environment that allows companies to define and implement standard design methodologies across multiple design disciplines. The use of common design tools and best practices maximizes individual productivity and reduces design cycle time. Using the same part information manager as the Allegro Library Manager, the Allegro Data Manager allows parametric component searches that tie into your company's preferred components database, promoting the use of approved and preferred parts and reducing component research time by as much as 75%. Work-in-Progress Data Management The Allegro Data Manager provides work- in-progress (WIP) data management and enables team collaboration that allows users to control change adoption and maintenance of design revision history. In addition, it provides access to the most current design data—"where-used" visibility allows all team members to see where components are used in both production and archived designs (if the connected data vault system supports such capabilities). Because it manages schematic and board files separately, the Allegro Data Manager facilitates concurrent design and collaboration, including securely shared workspaces for both local and globally dispersed design teams. This functionality also provides direct integration between the (optional) team design capability of the Allegro Data Manager and the Allegro Data Manager vault. The Allegro Data Manager vault provides the design team with an efficient and lightweight environment for collaboration and communication during design as well as providing robust access control and WIP revision management of design data. Release to Manufacturing The design data created in PCB is a critical component to the product record. With Allegro EDM's integrated release to manufacturing capability, engineering teams can frequently, accurately, and efficiently update enterprise systems, such as product lifecycle management (PLM). Release to manufacturing obtains the current state of the bill of materials (BOM), variants, design data, and manufacturing deliverables in the context of the corporate PLM workflow, such as the PLM ECO and release processes—with little to no additional work by the engineer—eliminating the costly time engineers spend manually extracting and uploading data, all while improving the quality and frequency of the release. The improved collaboration allows better visibility across manufacturing, reduced supply chain and management time, cost and risk in the overall process while allowing engineers to focus on innovation. Benefits • Cuts training and support costs by providing a common user interface and design methodology across the enterprise • Improves the productivity of engineers, designers, component engineers, procurement, and others by expanding access to component information and design data • Improves quality and reduces board spins by providing common access to "known-good" library data • Eliminates design errors due to out-of-date or defective libraries by interactively synchronizing logical and physical reference libraries with logical and physical design projects • Enables asynchronous concurrent design and reduces development time by managing schematic and layout data separately during the design process • Enables efficient management, tracking, and debugging of software infrastructures • Provides teams with a collaborative environment for effective, efficient, and robust data management, communication, and controlled access to design data • Allows increased collaboration with manufacturing and enterprise by automating the release of BOM, variants, and manufacturing deliverables directly into enterprise PLM systems Allegro Library Manager The Allegro Library Manager is a library development and management environment that enables PCB librarians to create, validate, manage, and distribute library parts and their associated data for use with Allegro Design Entry HDL, OrCAD ® Capture Component Information System (CIS) (schematic symbols), and Allegro PCB Editor (PCB footprints). As parts are created or modified, the Allegro Library Manager automatically creates revisions and distributes the updated design libraries to the company or designated design sites, thereby keeping all design centers up to date with the latest component and library information. The Allegro Library Manager works in conjunction with the Allegro PCB Librarian and incorporates all the capabilities of the Allegro EDM Solution, allowing the librarian to act as a super-user. Figure 2: Using a simple wizard-based workflow, engineers are quickly guided through obtaining all the correct information for PLM and mapping into the corporate product structure, taking a manual process from hours to minutes

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