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Allegro EDM Solution Engineers spend more than 50% of their time fixing errors and searching for data they should already have, such as parts, associated data, compliance, costing, life cycle data, and so on. This non-value-added work is often repeated by several engineers within a company because the data retrieved is not stored in a common repository or parts library. More engineers sourcing information independently causes more duplication and potentially more quality issues. Library data drives the rest of the PCB design process. Good library data can streamline and improve the design creation and implementation process, while inaccurate and insufficient data can elongate the design process—or worse, create costly re-spins resulting in delays and unnecessary expenses. Library data, once centralized, managed, and distributed regularly, assists engineers in using the latest part data—symbol, footprint, metadata. As the design process begins, engineers need to know whether the part they have used in their design has an updated version available from the library. They also need a way to easily update their design with the latest version of the part data. Design data should be managed on an ongoing basis to reduce the risk of data loss, as well as used in a structured IP reuse methodology to reduce risk and shorten design creation and implementation time. With the Allegro EDM Solution, you can integrate a wide variety of data sources into a single library, decrease your manufacturing and sustainability costs, and increase quality and productivity, all while eliminating costly re-spins. The Cadence ® Allegro ® EDM product suite provides a team-based collaborative engineering data management (EDM) environment for work in progress library and design data management inclusive of seamless integration to PLM and manufacturing. Allegro EDM's proven methodology has been shown to increase the productivity of local and global design teams by up to 50%. The Allegro EDM Solution simplifies the process for managing component, library, and design data throughout the PCB design process. Allegro EDM Solution A collaborative environment to improve design team productivity, across the entire lifecycle from requirements to manufacturing. Distribution Allegro Flow Manager Allegro Library Manager Library Management and Distribution XiaoMing Librarian Allegro Part Information Manager Allegro Data Manager Design Reuse WiP Design Data Management Harry Anjali Mechanical Environment Compliance Data Source Corporate Supply Approved Supply Manufacturing Figure 1: The Allegro EDM consolidates different data sources into a common enterprise-wide library that can be accessed by engineers from their design authoring tools, thereby reducing cost and improving quality and productivity

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