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Beckhoff Automation: Ultra-Compact Industrial PC

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Beckhoff is known for its wide range of PC- based automation components and solutions for industrial use. Fanless C6025 is part of a family of ultra-small and ultra-powerful industrial PCs from Beckhoff. These indus- trial PCs are used to control machines or equipment or to visualize information in production environments with demanding operating conditions in terms of dust con- tamination, temperature, humidity, vibration and electromagnetic interference. With a robust metal-housing combining alu- minium and zinc, and without any rotating parts, C6025 is designed for persistent life span. High-quality components based on open standards and individual design of housings mean that these industrial PCs are ideally equipped for all control requirements in a non- office type application. These ultra-compact devices make modular industrial PC techno- logy available in a miniature format for instal- lation on standardized DIN rails or mounting plates. The fact that Beckhoff develops and produces state-of-the-art motherboards in- house enables the company to respond quickly to latest technological trends on the PC mar- ket and also to customer-specific require- ments. Typical applications of ultra-compact C6025 IPC involve small space requirements, universal applicability and flexible installa- Ultra-Compact Industrial PC C6025 Fanless ultra-compact industrial PC C6025 with Intel ® Core™ i-series processors Beckhoff Automation Industrial PC tion as well as highest performance require- ments. Inside the housing of C6025 is a special compact motherboard with dimensions of 120 x 75 mm, which integrates Intel ® Celeron ® or Intel ® Core™ i-series processors to provide ample computing power and maximum per- formance with up to four processor cores. It is equipped with three LAN interfaces, four USB 3.0 ports and one DisplayPort. The motherboard CB7268 of this ultra-compact industrial PC integrates CPU, memory and graphics adapter in a one chip package. The family of ultra-compact C60xx IPCs offers a wide and scalable range of industrial PCs that can be perfectly adapted to all kinds of applications and use cases – from small and mid-sized applications up to highest calcu- lation performance in a modular system. Highly integrated motherboard in robust housing FlowCAD

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