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Using Differential Pairs in Allegro PCB Editor February 9, 2012 18 Product Version 16.5 To remove the differential pair definition from the SIGNAL_MODEL 1. Choose Analyze > SI/EMI Sim > Model. 2. If a window about DC nets pops up and prompts you to continue, select Yes. 3. In the Signal Model Assignment form, select the device in the form or thecomponent in the canvas 4. Select Edit Model. If the differential pair is electrically defined, the right hand column will show DiffPair Mate pins next to the Wire column. 5. Select one of the two pins. The IBIS Device Pin Data form will open. 6. Under the Differential Pair Mate Type, select the pull-down arrow and choose None. 7. Select OK. 8. If additional differential pairs are defined on the model, select another pin from the DiffPair Mate column and repeat steps 5-7. 9. Select OK in the IBIS Device Model Editor form. The differential pairs will now be removed from Constraint Manager. References Refer to Online Support for any help. For more help, refer 'Related Solutions' sections below the PDF. Application Note "Tips for using Differential Pairs in Allegro" can also be searched with the document title on

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