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OrCAD ® Engineering Data Management (EDM) is a compre- hensive collaboration and management environment for the OrCAD Capture PCB schematic design solution. Fully integrated within the OrCAD Capture environment, OrCAD EDM lets your engineering design team take advantage of the time-to-market benefits gained from effective design data management. The solution also eliminates the challenges associated with managing design files across multiple users. Overview A collaborative design environment encourages design reuse, promotes best practices, and, most importantly, reduces devel- opment time by eliminating errors and keeping all stakeholders on the same page throughout the design process. However, there are many challenges to collaborative design. Tracking updates and status across multiple projects to determine who made what changes, where, and when, often devolves into a tangled mess of email chains and disparate meeting notes leading to confusion, miscommunication, and errors. Data integrity also becomes a significant challenge as multiple engineers begin accessing, editing, and commenting on the same files. Files are accidently overwritten or users begin managing multiple, separate versions of files on their local machines without any communication as to who is changing what, leading to even more errors and unexpected design changes downstream. OrCAD EDM provides a full set of capabilities to ensure that data integrity and project status is managed throughout the schematic design process. It combines an easy-to-use, intuitive interface with robust data management capabilities that allow engineers to work efficiently as a group, ensuring that data integrity is always maintained. Key Features Project dashboard OrCAD EDM delivers a powerful dashboard into all projects occurring within the team or larger organization. Users can see what projects are being worked on and who is working on them, all from within the OrCAD Capture canvas. OrCAD EDM makes it easy to stay up to date and to avoid costly communication errors. Real-time traceability and communication Every page download, update, or name change is tagged and stored, giving the design team full visibility into what changed, who changed it, and why. At any time, managers, users, or other interested parties can get a real-time snapshot into the status of a project. Full version history OrCAD EDM maintains a complete version history of each uploaded change on a page and project level. These previous versions are stored and are easily accessible in the OrCAD EDM Highlights • Includes a fully integrated project dashboard, which significantly reduces time to market and eliminates risks associated with managing multiple projects concurrently • Allows users to build a fully traceable audit trail as an inherent part of the design process to avoid errors and duplication of effort • Facilitates IP reuse by providing access and controlled views into current and previous design projects OrCAD Engineering Data Management (EDM) Managing design data for the OrCAD workgroup

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