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EK Power Success Story

When we are thinking about what is best for the customer in the long-run, the answer is that we need to push the organization forward and align us with the customer’s needs. Using OrCAD Capture CIS...

The EK Power Solutions design team is a very specialized team of skilled engineers, with an average experience of over 23 years, which also includes six engineers dedicated to solely PCB layout design. Their focus is on in-house projects, but they also perform requested layout work for external clients.

Being a part of many client’s high-tech product development, EK Power Solutions faced the challenge of the client´s need for tighter integration with their organizations. Many products could have PCB-layouts done in several different CAD systems, making product maintenance a real headache. Most of the layouts that already had been done were far too complicated for the CAD systems used and there was also an urgent need for better 3-D integrations with the mechanical design. Another tough challenge was the need for integration with component databases and PLM systems.